How Is The Best Way To Travel Between Sydney And Melboune ?

I am going to be travelling from India to Australia in April ? Do you have any cheap flight options to suggest
Secondly , whats the best and cheapest way to travel between Sydney & Melbourne
Would really appreciate the advise and help.

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  1. Anonim said:
    are the two budget airlines, but depending on how far in advance you book and how busy they are on that day, you could pay from between A$50 to $200 return.
    Be careful if flying on Jetstar as you will want to fly to Tullamarine Airport. The other Airport (Avalon Airport) is miles from Melbourne (about 1 hr in the car and I don’t think there is a train), so the taxi will end up costing more than the flight.
    The flight is about one hour. There is also a train, which takes probably about 10-12 hours and might be a lot cheaper.
    Driving will take 10 hours or so and will probably cost A$100-200 in petrol each way, but if you want to make a trip of it, the south coast from Bateman’s Bay to Eden is well worth exploring.

  2. Leeza said:

    Try or but be aware the jetstar only fly to a smaller airport outside the city – but still in to ‚Melbourne’ but not the normal Tullamarine airport. I would think this would be cheaper than bus as the bus may be a little bit cheaper in dollars but the time would be much more, a one hour plane trip compared to hours 10 to 14 on a bus! No choice for me! Also try which can sometimes have deals which are as cheap as virgin blue and jet star! Happy travelling!!!

  3. rooster3 said:

    I thinkmaybe the cheapest was would be to take a bus from the cbd in sydney to melbourne. I took it last year i think it was under $100 and about 12 hours. as for getting to aus if you can fly to bangkok or singapore the flights to darwin and perth are quite cheap (i flew bangkok to darwin for under $250 aus 1 way) and a flight from darwin to melbourne would be about $200

  4. JS said:

    The best way to travel between Sydney and Melbourne is by plane, try Qantas, Virgin Blue and Jetstar.
    If you don’t want to fly you can drive in about 10 hours.

  5. grasshop said:

    Check you web sites for flights.
    The cheapest way to travel is to hitch hike!!

  6. shell said:

    Virgin Blue or Jet Blue are cheap in Australia. Qantas is the best Australian airline and provide food and entertainment, to get the cheapest deals with them check out their website at and look out for the red e-deals. You should be able to get a flight on Qantas between Sydney and Melbourne for about $AUD120-150

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