How Save Is It To Travel To Venezuela?

We want to travel to Venezuela and are not sure how safe it is for European looking tourists. Is there anything we could do minimize the risk of being robbed/kidnaped? Or is it at least not that bad and the risk is not much higher than in other countries?

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50 lat temu

I just returned from Venezuela, Colombia and Panama. I never felt threatened in any of these countries. With blue eyes and blond hair, there was no hidding. However, I do speak Spanish. Everyone was amazing and really helped us out. You do need to be wise about where in these countries you go. I would avoid Caracas and other bustling cities. Los Roques is amazing and relaxing and Canaima is totally worth it to see Angel Falls. I had had secret pockets sewn into the inside of my old worn pants and only took a small pocket camera out in… Czytaj więcej »

lily kennedy
lily kennedy
50 lat temu

South America in genral is fairly safe., I just returned from El salvador which has a really bad reputation. it just depends where in the country you go.

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50 lat temu

Brother, it is very unsafe right now to travel to Venezuela. I’m an American citizen living in South America and you would be safer in Columbia than Venezuela at the present moment. Also, Brazil is very dangerous with all of the gang fighting and retaliations also.

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