What Are Some Good Travel Jobs For Me?

What are some travel jobs that i can apply for? I don’t have much money but i would like to start making some and travel at the same time. I am a Bi-lingual, 21 year old college student who would like to find a job for maybe this summer and for after december. I might be willing to put school to the side for a few semesters. Please respond with any advice or suggestions, i would truly appreciate it, thanks.

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50 lat temu

You could apply for a magazine article writer. If you try to apply for Conde Nast Traveler, they have many articles written by hand-on experiences. Good Luck!

50 lat temu

Something worth considering in my opinion would be your own travel website. World Ventures Dream Trips is the best opportunity I have found for that by far. The best part would be you could market the site during the summer and if you have any luck it will pay for itself and you can continue to make money until you have time to do some more marketing later. You could expand little by little and maybe end up making a pretty good living… living. The travel industry is huge so the possibilties are nearly endless.

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